Gingerbread LittleVersity is a locally owned chain of three preschools and an Infant Center offering young children a structured program with a “learning is fun” approach. We are family owned and operated with over 25 years of service to Southern Wake County parents.

To enroll in our childcare or preschool programs, please fill in the following forms. The forms can be emailed to us at: lstancil@gmail.com



Full Time Provided

Fine and gross motor skills, sensory skills, language development, and music development are included in the weekly lesson plan. Infants are introduced one on one to each of these skills as they develop at their own pace. Music is an important medium used in this room. Newborns are held and cuddled throughout the day, and the teacher talks and sings with each child on a continuous basis. Some American Sign Language signs are used to provide better communication between child and teacher. Gingerbread LittleVersity follows the Infant Safe Sleep Policy. This policy ensures that our babies sleep soundly on the back without any other interference in the crib. The baby is monitored and taken note of every 15 minutes until awakened.

Infant care provides: Play space with age appropriate equipment, toys and books, Individual cribs with 360 degree viewing for rest time, Fresh infant linens provided daily, Bibs, Baby food and formula, Daily report card noting feeding and diapering habits.

kid playing in the dirt with a bucket


12 months - 35 months | Full Time Provided
We use a thematic curriculum in our childcare centers to enhance their curiosity and learning. Teachers work on gross motor skills, fine motor skills and lots of language development with the toddlers. Play centers are introduced in the toddler room so the children learn to interact in the dramatic play, block, gross motor, art and book centers. Two-year old's lesson plans include sensory development through creative art, everyday life development by learning self help skills such as washing hands and putting on coats/shoes, language development through books and songs, small hand-eye manipulative development through puzzles, and movement with music. Children also learn through block play, water play and outside play.

Teachers promote life skills by:
Learning Centers, Teaching table manners, Potty training, Encouraging social and language skills, Finger plays, nursery rhymes, and songs.



Three and Four Year Old Preschool | Full Time, 3-Day and 2-Day Provided (part-time as available)

To make learning fun, our thematic curriculum uses learning centers to provide an academically rich early childhood education base. Through independent choices, the child's intellectual thinking and social skills mature. Read more about our GingerPrep Curriculum by clicking the GingerPrep tab on the left.

In addition to learning centers we offer our children:
Reading program, Writing Program, Music and Movement, Spanish, Manners

Our Junior Kindergarteners enjoys hands-on activities and visitors that enhance their learning adventures, as well as enrichment programs.



Give your child the best preschool education with the GingerPrep curriculum. We are a teaching preschool, not a daycare. As part of our Three and Four Year Old Preschool program, we offer our GingerPrep Curriculum, an age-appropriate learning system we developed over the years, which includes learning filled activities for children of all ages. The GingerPrep Curriculum is a phonics based reading and writing curriculum wrapped into weekly lesson plans with themes and bundles of fun-filled learning for your child. As a preschool, we prepare your child for Kindergarten with all of the educational and social skills that will give them an advantage in their critical early education.

Your child will amaze you in the evenings with what he has learned at preschool that day, whether it is hand signing the alphabet or explaining how caterpillars turn into butterflies. The teachers strive to know each child and parent on a personal level.

Lesson plans provide opportunity for among other things: Physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development, Encouragement of originality and creativity, Planning and developing projects, Sharing of time, space and materials

Happy Children smiling


6 - 12 Years | Before school and after school

The best place for parents! You can be confident that your child is having a great time and will safely be where they need to be. All day, every day!

We’ve got it covered:
Early Release Days, Teacher Work Days, Snow Days & Delays, Summer Camp, Track Out, Planned activities

Transportation is provided to and from the following schools:
Fuquay Elementary, Willow Springs Elementary, Lafayette Elementary, Ballentine Elementary, Banks Road Elementary, Herbert Akins Elementary.

Afternoon snacks are included. Indoor planned activities include time for homework. Field trips are scheduled during holidays and teacher work days. Our childcare centers are open for snow days, teacher workdays, early release and delays, and we offer summer camp at our Gingersnappers Club.

Track Out


Track Out Students | Reservations must be made 2 weeks in advance
Call 919 552-GRAD.

Track Out is a for educating our children but making days interesting, educational and filled with memorable experiences is what we’ve always been about. Children will use Hands-on, involved learning and fun that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Field Trips Dining Out Culinary , Dance, and Theater Classes Music, Science, Arts and Craft Lessons Fitness For Fun Special Visitors and Entertainers

The GingerTrack Express is open during Track Out to any student. We are available to meet your needs on a weekly drop-in basis throughout the school year or reservations can be made to become an expected well-traveled passenger each Track Out period. All passengers may reserve seating for the weeks that best fit their needs. All reservations made are considered a commitment to payment.

boy swimming on a slip and slide


Give your child a summer of fun at our summer camp for children who have completed Kindergarten through age 12.

We provide an educational theme that incorporates field trips, dance. Weekly Field Trips, Special Visitors & Entertainers, Cooking Projects, Science Projects, Physical Fitness Programs, Arts & Crafts